Here’s the riveting full-length interview of creative activist, spoken word artist, and actor Saul Williams with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

“In an extended interview with Saul Williams, a world-renown spoken word artist, he discusses his career of mixing poetry, music and acting; reads some of his poetry, discusses how he became an activist, and describes the concept of his new album, “Martyr Loser King.”

“Martin Luther King would be one of many martyr loser kings—a martyr as in those who have either been killed because of the work that they’ve done for the upliftment of humanity or what have you, or those who haven’t been killed who give their lives just through service to humanity. OK? So, a martyr is connected to the idea of sacrifice and those who give their lives or sacrifice the possibilities of wealth or what have you for the sake of humanity. The loser, basically what I’m referencing is the disenfranchised, those who identify as belonging to a disenfranchised group.”

Williams also discusses his appreciation for hacking, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and the late net neutrality activist, Aaron Swartz.

Twenty years ago Williams won the title of Nuyorican Poets Cafe’s Grand Slam Champion. Over the past two decades, he has forged a career mixing poetry, music and acting. In 2014 he performed in the first Broadway hip hop musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me” a musical inspired by Tupac Shakur.” ~ Democracy Now!

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