“Up to Us” Caravans to Converge in Philly for the Democratic National Convention

“Up to Us” Caravans to Converge in Philly for the Democratic National Convention

Up to Us says, “It’s up to us to keep the movement moving!” Three Up to Us caravans, two from the West Coast and one from Florida, are on the move to Philadelphia where they will converge at the July 25-28 Democratic National Convention. Along the way, they’re having conversations with folks about the issues that impact them the most in their local communities.

Up to Us caravans are non-candidate and non-partisan. All Americans are welcome to join.

Up to Us has an immediate goal in Philly, which is to…

“Visually display the mass amount of us who are done being fed the current narrative of suppression. To show our government, mainstream media, and the powers that be that regardless of the corrupt political nature our establishment is attempting to preserve, we will lay idle and remain complacent no more.”

Up To Us Caravan to the DNC – Explained by Shailene Woodley | Up to Us

“For far too long our elected officials have been representing their own or corporate best interests instead of ours. And we’ve been letting them. It’s time for us to take back our political system by standing together, showing up, and rising.” ~ Up to Us

Will the caravans continue after the Convention? That will be up to us. Personally, I like the idea of conversing true-heart citizens criss-crossing our nation… in perpetuity.

Up To Us Caravan: Community Conversations For Change | The Young Turks

Shailene Woody and Kendrick Sampson talk to The Young Turks about Up to Us caravans.

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JoAnn Chateau
    • Same for me. I think this election cycle is ultra significant because we’re at the crossroad of deep systemic changes, for good or bad.

      If we take too many more wrong steps… the American democratic experiment concludes… our coastlands go quickly underwater… and probably worse.

      As we compare this year to last, Rosaliene, I could add that last year I was still trying to figure out WHY the powerful elite don’t care about the planet.

      This year I finally understand that Big Oil can’t wait until the Arctic melts – so they can drill it. The Arctic would be the new frontier that turns economic gears for all the elites from every kind of industry for many, many “prosperous” years at the top. (No pun intended.)

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    Democratic superdelegates that stick with coddled criminal Hillary Clinton are pledging their allegiance to corrupt cronies, and saying to hell with their country. Not one of them should ever hold public office again, or be allowed to participate in DNC activities again.

    • I also am really fed up with corrupt politics. You know the 1% of Clinton’s superdelegates that have been indicted? Silver(convicted), Fattah(convicted), McDonnell (convicted/unconvicted), Brown (indicted), McAuliffe (under FBI investigation)… they are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

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