Prophets of Rage will kickoff their Make America Rage Again concert tour at the Cleveland 2016 Republican National Convention on July 19. Tickets are $20. A portion of concert proceeds will go to homeless shelters and food banks. The group may also appear at the Philadelphia Democratic National Convention later in the month.

SOURCE: Why Prophets of Rage Are the Protest Band We Need in 2016 | Consequence of Sound…

“Anger has been a common theme in this year’s election, with Trump and Sanders acting as opposite pillars on the ideological rage spectrum, each proposing themselves as an alternative to the political artifice. The irony of this is not lost on [Tom] Morello: “In this election year where I’ve heard so many commentators say that Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders are raging against the machine, the architects of the real Rage Against the Machine had to step up and say, ‘We’re gonna show you how to do it right.’” ‘Doing it right,’ in Morello’s view, is not making a choice between candidates who will most likely be unable to effect real change. Instead, Prophets of Rage are calling for ground-up political activism.” ~ Mandy Freebairn

Prophets of Rage “Make America Rage Again” (Live at the Whisky) | Bloomberg Politics

“Los Angeles—Before the Prophets of Rage debut show at The Whisky, Tom Morello, Chuck D and B-Real discuss Donald Trump, the two-party system, and why it’s time to #MakeAmericaRageAgain. Featuring performances of “Prophets of Rage” (Public Enemy), “Take the Power Back” (Rage Against the Machine) and their new track “The Party’s Over.” ~ Bloomberg Politics

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