To former Sanders supporters who now reject him as a “liar” and “turncoat,” I offer a different interpretation of Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton…

Bernie Drew a Line in the Sand

Bernie wasn’t lying. He gave Clinton more of an instruction, than an endorsement. It was like he said, ‘This is the realm within which you may operate.’ He drew her a line in the sand, a boundary.

Bernie’s endorsement set the precedent for holding Clinton’s feet to the fire. After finessing the most progressive Democratic platform in history — to which Clinton gives lip-service — after extolling the virtues and accomplishments of his OWN campaign — which Clinton resorted to copying — Bernie’s endorsement amounted to putting Hillary Clinton’s own words in her mouth.

It was a brilliant move.

Bernie Sanders laid the logical foundation to hold Clinton accountable. In other words, Clinton will not have free reign in the White House. Not when Bernie, you, me, the progressives we elect to Congress — block her way every time she tries to deviate from the democratic mission.

The Context Within the Big Picture

We need to hear Bernie endorse Clinton within the context of the big picture.

  • Bernie ran an amazingly effective 15-month long campaign.
  • The backbone of his message was the people’s political revolution.
  • Still, Bernie lost the Democratic nomination.
  • If he ran as a Green candidate, he would lose the election.
    • The Green Party is underrepresented in the U.S.
    • Election fraud would prevail, if he came near winning.
  • Bernie used his political influence to craft the most progressive Democratic platform in history.
  • He endorsed Hillary Clinton within the terms of that new Democratic platform.
  • Donald Trump IS a huge threat, who could push our nation backwards.

When Bernie Sanders talked “political revolution,” was he saying he was The Revolutionary? No, you understood he meant a movement supported by millions of people. Did you think with Bernie Sanders in the White House, things would change overnight? You most likely understood that political change is a process that requires constant struggle and vigilance. Did you hear Bernie say he couldn’t do it alone, that no man or woman who is President could do it alone?

The Political Revolution Stands

No matter how things would have, could have, should have or have turned out, there’s no scenario where The People do not have responsibility for building and maintaining a strong political force. The political revolution stands.

So, by all means, be bitterly disappointed that Bernie Sanders will not be President of the United States. I certainly am. By all means, support Jill Stein. She’s wonderful and the U.S. Green Party needs a boost. By all means, launch a new progressive 3rd party. By all means, do all these things that you never imagined doing a year ago.

For those of you slinging abuse at Bernie Sanders, your target is one seasoned, head-on-his-shoulders, indomitable warrior. He’ll turn to his wife, Jane, his family and friends, to comfort them. He’ll say, ‘That’s just politics.’ And keep on fighting.