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Activists Highlight the Hypocrisy of Banning Tennis Balls but Allowing Guns at the RNC | The Real News

“Ban all weapons! Not tennis Balls!” chant Code Pink peace activists outside the Republican National Convention.

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  • Reading things like this is so strange from an Australian perspective. After the Port Arthur Massacre, the government worked quickly to implement gun control and restrict gun access. As a result, Australia has one of the lowest gun-related homicides in the world. I guess it’s hard to make progress in the US with this issue when the politicians of one of the major parties is funded by the NRA.

    • Yes, we also think the NRA’s grip on Congress is strange. How could moderate, sensible gun control laws possibly affect guns sales very much? Even with the corrupting influence of money in U.S. politics, it is inexplicable.

      I have read-up on Australia’s admirable gun control. It is very frustrating we can’t do even a fraction of what your country has done.

      • One of the reasons why the republicans are against background checks and are also okay with people on the terrorist watchlist buying guns is due to the domino effect on gun sales! Whenever there is a mass shooting/terrorist event, gun sales spike due to fear. Fear that there will be regulation imposed on gun purchasing but also for fear of individual safety. More guns = more violence (accidental or intended) = positive feedback loop = domino effect.

      • Good point — the ol’ positive feedback loop/domino effect. And gun manufacturers probably see even minor gun control measures as a “slippery slope.”

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