Today’s Wikileaks revelations show a striking pro-Clinton bias among DNC officials that involved actions to influence media outlets, as well as fundraising tactics, in favor of Hillary Clinton…

SOURCE: New DNC Email Leak Reveals Anti-Sanders Bias, Pro-Clinton Collusion Among Top Officials | RT…

“A WikiLeaks dump of nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails, the supposedly neutral governing organization of the Democratic Party, indicates that the committee strategized with the Clinton campaign and plotted against Bernie Sanders.” […] ~ RT

SOURCE: Wikileaks Proves Primary Was Rigged: DNC Undermined Democracy | Observer

“On July 25, the Democratic National Convention will begin in Philadelphia, Pa. To commensurate the event and its embrace of corrupt politician Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, Wikileaks is releasing thousands of DNC/Clinton emails. In its recent leak of 20,000 DNC emails from January 2015 to May 2016, DNC staff discuss how to deal with Bernie Sanders’ popularity as a challenge to Clinton’s candidacy. Instead of treating Sanders as a viable candidate for the Democratic ticket, the DNC worked against him and his campaign to ensure Clinton received the nomination… ~ Michael Sainato

SOURCE: Wikileaks: Politico’s Ken Vogel Seeks DNC Approval for Post | The American Spectator

“Wikileaks, trying to help Bernie Sanders, leaked emails between the DNC and everyone…  The part I’m interested in is the email exchange with Politico’s chief investigative reporter Ken Vogel and the DNC… [email inserted]… Today, we have concrete proof that Politico’s bias is real and directly linked to the Democrats with whom they share ideology and, as it turns out, emailed stories before they go to print.” ~ Melissa Clouthier

SOURCE: Leaked Email Indicates DNC Wanted Bernie Sanders Interrogated About His Faith | Slate

SOURCE: Wasserman Schultz Furiously Pressured MSNBC After It Criticized Her “Unfair” Treatment of Sanders | Salon