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Hillary’s Economic Justice Incompatible with Her Corporate Relationships | The Real News

An important take-away from Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech, Bill Curry zeros in on political corruption and foreign policy…

“In response to Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech, Bill Curry, former counselor to Bill Clinton’s White House, says that progressives must focus on building an independent political movement.” ~ The Real News

VIA: Hillary’s Economic Justice Incompatible with Her Corporate Relationships | YouTube | AGR Daily News Service

Quotes from the video…

“Because [Trump] is a fascist, this is an election I’m hoping [Clinton] wins. At the same time, I am not optimistic about our ability to get to the fundamental problems, the systemic issues of global finance capitalism and pay-to-play politics. This party won’t ever get to that, unless there is a movement to topple its leadership and to revitalize its ranks… ~ Bill Curry


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