I Liked Hillary’s Acceptance Speech — It Reminded Me of Bernie

I Liked Hillary’s Acceptance Speech — It Reminded Me of Bernie


I liked Hillary’s speech, because it reminded me of Bernie — he has so greatly influenced her policies. But… we didn’t get Bernie…


I sincerely liked Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech last night. I didn’t think it was too long, and a bit of stilted phraseology didn’t bother me — because I was listening to the content. She said all the right things. She acknowledged all the right people, from President Obama to Sanders supporters. She had some incredibly good zingers for Donald Trump.

But while I watched Hillary’s face as she spoke, my mind’s eye could only see Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders raised the bar. He helped everyone grow, including Hillary, and gave the American people confidence to reach for higher ideals and to fight for them.

Throughout his campaign, Bernie kept the dialogue on issues, instead of attacking Hillary — like he could have. Maybe if Bernie had fought dirty, he could have won the Democratic nomination. But we wouldn’t have gained a candidate exuding principled character and integrity, which is our actual Bernie Sanders. It would have been some other guy from a parallel universe.

I liked Hillary’s speech, because it reminded me of Bernie — he has so greatly influenced her policies. But… we didn’t get Bernie.

The following clip reveals the kind of rare selfless leadership that will not be occupying the White House. (Warning: watch only if you can bear another heart-wrenching moment.)

Former GOP Congressman Admits He’d Vote Bernie Over Trump | The Young Turks

“Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, discusses something former Republican Congressman Bob Ney admitted to him during an interview at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.” ~ The Young Turks

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JoAnn Chateau
  • I thought she did well and I disagree with the way pundits panned her delivery as lack of oratory skills. She was meticulous and deliberate. But today I remember the way she uses that checklist to have an offering to every single group and subset of the population. It’s like she has a nice sweet strawberry for each and every one of us.

    • It all sounded good. But like Sanders says, and Pres. Obama also just said, the people need to push for what they want.

      I saw a documentary about FDR. He was sympathetic with labor, but told union leaders to give him a “reason” to take it to Congress. (I paraphrase.) Pressure from the people gives willing leaders the leverage they need to deal with forces resistant to change.

  • It depends on how you look at it. It was substantive, and somewhat of a tribute to Bernie. If compared to Trump’s dank and dismal portrayal of our nation’s future, it was remarkable. This election must be about issues and experience, and less about emotional baggage.

    Trump will not solve problems. And if a war breaks out in Turkey, which is a real possibility, does anyone want Trump as our Commander in Chief with his orange finger on the nuclear trigger.

    • Agreed. It’s up to the people’s movement to take charge of our politics so we can solve serious problems, and I think we can work a lot better with Hillary than with Trump.

    • I didn’t intend to address whether or not HRC is genuine, but since you happen to bring it up…

      I suspect Clinton remains attached to little piecemeal concessions to special groups of people here and there — not really accomplishing much.

      Piecemeal, if that, is all she’d be able to get through Congress. (On her own.) Lack of sincerity and lack of ability are 2 reasons speeches seldom translate into action.

      That’s where “Our Revolution” comes in. We’ll keep her feet to the fire AND help her along.

      Did you watch the video clip? Some people have said Bernie passed little legislation — odd, for someone known as the Amendment King. The clip solves that mystery. Bernie’s leadership is so important to us.

  • I guess you could vote for Bernie because he is still on the ticket. The Sanders supporters could start a campaign to vote “NONE OF the ABOVE” and demand a new elections with new candidates because of Unlawful interference with this primaries to influence/ sabotage the elections to get Hillary Clinton Elected. That way the disgruntled Republicans could vote NONE of THE ABOVE as well. Now that would interesting to see what would happen then when NONE OF THE ABOVE won the election.

  • The amount of Bernie plagiarism establishment Dems engage in these days is utterly ridiculous.

    “Love Trumps hate.” — That was Bernie’s. “Make the economy work for all of us.” — That was Bernie’s. And on and on and on and on.

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