Site Announcement:

I’ll be changing things here at the site by combining a few interests and projects. I want to focus on fiction writing, but will still curate real-life progressive politics and activism (which play in the background of my stories).

With a snarl of blogs and social networking accounts, which I have already expanded and pruned many times, I’m trying to find a nice streamlined workflow. Meanwhile, Fauzia Burke, author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors, says book writers should set up an author’s website well in advance of (God willing) publishing a book. So…

The web address here is changing to — and will serve as my author website. It will include posts related to my broader personal interests, while still embracing activism and the progressive movement. I hope my dear Aware & Fair readers will continue to follow me!

As I shift over to an author’s perspective, I’ll be experimenting and trying different things. However, I expect to post and curate on topics like:

  • The Chester Chronicles (my stories)
  • Writing and blogging
  • Dogs and animal welfare
  • Progressive politics and activism

I don’t think the new web address will affect WordPress followers. For other people, expect it to change by September 7th. Meanwhile, I’ll be experimenting with different themes and site organization.

A lot of you are are poets, novel and/or non-fiction writers, and original blog content authors — if you have any helpful tips, I’m all ears!

Here’s to the winds of change… Happy blogging, everyone!