Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Everything Is Going to Be Okay


An update from my hiatus…

A quick update on the move and website project…

Haven’t packed that much. Will be sorry later.

Technical Woes

The website…! The image above kind of reflects my efforts… up to this point, at least.

Embroiled in solving one technical difficulty after another. Coding errors, site slow-downs, super-duper website-builder theme “broken” after major new version release. Other builder-theme I have… too big for economy hosting.

Installed WP multisite. Took it out. Re-do out the kazoo.

But today! Everything was working, like it is supposed to. I found a great page-builder plugin, too. (Goodbye hulking, huge builder themes!) So much fun.

Until the site ground to a halt. Again. In case you were wondering, 60 uploaded themes is around the limit (on shared hosting.)

Experimenting with new apps, testing limits. That’s how I break things.

Fixed it. Website running. Then the exciting new page builder plugin (the one I was going to test with 60 different themes) stopped saving design updates. Must now try to figure that out.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Everything is going to work great! Or, eventually!

Meanwhile, took a break. Watched stand up comedy on Netflix. Laughed. Then Piano Guys showed up in my mailbox. Just what I needed. And you?

This is exactly what you need to hear today – Okay – Official Video | Piano Guys

Sleep tight, my friends. Everything is going to be okay.

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JoAnn Chateau
JoAnn Chateau

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