Site Update: I’ve added four worthy organizations to the Take Action page. (Be a faithful friend to humanity — give a “stick!”)

  1. Direct Relief is a “100% Efficient” charity. Most folks who give financially to help people who are stuck in poverty or impacted by natural disasters… are not rich. Get the most “bang” from your donation dollar.
  2. Charity Navigator rates the charities. Use it for “intelligent giving.”
  3. Our Revolution is up and active. Founded by Bernie Sanders, it’s dedicated to revitalizing American democracy, empowering progressive leaders, and elevating political consciousness. Our Revolution is like a one-stop-support for all progressive candidates (Berniecrats) throughout the U.S.
  4. Somehow, Stamp Stampede was missing from the Take Action page — and I use one of their stamps! Check them out. You’ll never have so much fun while fighting political corruption.
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