Michael Moore popped off a new documentary two weeks ago that urges Donald Trump supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton. Michael Moore in Trumpland culminates in a disarming “What-if?” scenario in which Hillary bides her time (for 30 years) until she has the power to do what she has always intended — really straighten out the country!

Michael Moore has never been more beguiling.

Michael Moore in TrumpLand OFFICIAL TRAILER

If you mean to “bite the bullet” and vote for Hillary Clinton next Tuesday, Moore’s documentary will make you feel better about it. I love this film, and almost buy Moore’s premise. However, I remain grateful for Bernie Sanders and the political revolution — who stand by to guide Hillary at every turn. (If she wins, that is.)

Have you seen Michael Moore in Trumpland? What do you think? Is Moore’s approach effective? Catch it at Movie & TV Stream for free.

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