Michael Moore in Trumpland Seeks to Win Votes for Hillary

Michael Moore in Trumpland Seeks to Win Votes for Hillary


Michael Moore popped off a new documentary two weeks ago in which he urges Donald Trump supporters to consider voting for Hillary Clinton instead. Michael Moore has never been more beguiling.

Michael Moore popped off a new documentary two weeks ago that urges Donald Trump supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton. Michael Moore in Trumpland culminates in a disarming “What-if?” scenario in which Hillary bides her time (for 30 years) until she has the power to do what she has always intended — really straighten out the country!

Michael Moore has never been more beguiling.

Michael Moore in TrumpLand OFFICIAL TRAILER

If you mean to “bite the bullet” and vote for Hillary Clinton next Tuesday, Moore’s documentary will make you feel better about it. I love this film, and almost buy Moore’s premise. However, I remain grateful for Bernie Sanders and the political revolution — who stand by to guide Hillary at every turn. (If she wins, that is.)

Have you seen Michael Moore in Trumpland? What do you think? Is Moore’s approach effective? Catch it at Movie & TV Stream for free.

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JoAnn Chateau
  • My brother told me about this movie, and I´d love to watch it… But couldn´t find it on Netflix, so watched Chmosky´s “Requiem for the american dream”, instead…. thanks for the reminder. I´ll try to find it!!! ;)

      • Yes, Chomsky´s movie is excellent. The way he goes through the principles of wealth and power,: great!… I watched “Where to invade next?”… excellent documentary… Right now, I am listening to Bernie Sanders with Wolf Blitzer, from your blog… I think America should change the Electoral College, such a shame that Hillary won the popular vote and yet she is not the president! … Sigh!

      • Yes, people are talking about changing the Electoral College. After this election cycle, I think people will continue talking. We really need to bolster Democracy here. Thanks for commenting and caring.

  • What happened to the ‘revolution?’

    Hillary or Trump, what in the end will be the impact on policy, domestic or foreign?

    The same corporations and the same banking cartels will continue to occupy America and the world, and it will be business as usual, no?

    At what point do Americans begin to wake up and stop squandering their precious energies on this farce and fraud that is the presidential race, and instead try to awaken those among their brothers and sisters still fast asleep?

    Every election cycle is the same thing, no? A sheepdog, like Bernie Sanders — to borrow an image from Bruce Dixon — is tasked with herding those who have or might wander off the reservation to take a truly different and radical tack back into the fold of America’s one party system, comprised of its two right wings, the Democrats and the Republicans — to borrow yet another image, but this time from Vidal. And each time, quite amazingly, the sheepdog somehow or other, but certainly not without the complicity of the sheep themselves, brilliantly manages the task.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and the long term consequences so truly tragic.

    And with this latest grovelling performance by Moore, just how seriously should we take him?

    Is it not rather obvious: Moore the millionaire, now shilling and stumping for a politician famous for the destruction and murder of countless thousands in the Middle East and elsewhere, Wall Street’s candidate of choice, scandalously and criminally corrupt; Moore the millionarie, a man trading on an entirely factitious reputation for truth telling, cashing in on yet one more opportunity; Moore the millionaire, a man who found a way of making a lucrative career for himself by selling images of poverty, destitution and oppression to a gullible and kindhearted American public?

    No, but really, please: wake up, America!

    Nothing will ever change if you just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    Your elections, such as they are, are a farce and a fraud.

    Stay home. Educate yourself. Educate others. Organize. Then fight.

    Otherwise, you are all going to stay collectively fucked.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, Norman. We must get money out of politics, route out corruption, and The People need to make it happen. (Personally, I don’t think Michael Moore or Bernie Sanders would disagree!) Stay strong for the election results next week. Thanks for commenting and your exhortation to keep our focus targeted on political revolution.

JoAnn Chateau

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