Conservatives and Progressives View the Swamp Differently

Conservatives and Progressives View the Swamp Differently


Mr. Trump’s Cabinet selection has generated outrage from the liberal-minded, who claim he has broken his promise to “drain the swamp.” I have news for you. Trump followers are quite pleased with his Cabinet selection. Political corruption means different things to different people.

Donald Trump’s recent Cabinet selection has earned the scorn of Liberals. They claim he has broken his promise to “drain the swamp,” and they naively expect Trump supporters to join them in their outrage.

I have news for you. Trump supporters are quite pleased with his Cabinet selection.

Political corruption means different things to different people. If we hope to have a sensible discussion on the topic, let’s understand what the other side means by “corruption.”

A Small Swamp Is a Clear Swamp

Stocking the President’s Cabinet with billionaire Wall Street executives is motivated, of course, by the urge to continue redistributing wealth to the top. While that may seem corrupt to Progressives, it corresponds exactly with the avowed Republican platform — which promotes small government and the privatization of government agencies for profit.

Conservatives view it as right and proper that money should float to the top — like “cream.” As far as exchanging favors in high places? Well, it’s no different than exchanging favors in low places. That’s how business is conducted.

From a Conservative point of view, why shouldn’t the U.S. Government operate like a business? Everyone knows that corporations are supposed to be more efficient than government bureaucracies. Which is quite likely, in fact, given that corporations are unfettered from the demands of Democracy.

Trump’s Cabinet? Why not clear a stagnant swamp with a fresh flow of political favors? Easy-peasy. That is, efficient.

Taking Care of Business

Almost everyone dislikes corruption. Yet Conservatives and Progressives have different ideas about what political corruption actually is. Generally speaking….

Progressives believe that politicians are corrupted by the favors and funding bestowed upon them from powerful special interest groups. On the other hand, Conservatives believe politics are corrupted by government programs that benefit society — in their minds, such government programs exist only to get or “buy” votes.

Along with the latter line of thought, Conservatives are often God-fearing Christians, and are not exactly heartless. They are eager, prepared — and would prefer — to feed The Poor out of their own pockets. It is an honor akin to personally ministering to Christ, Himself. So don’t worry about disappearing safety nets. What could possibly go wrong with such a great honor system?

Thus, as far as Trump supporters go, the President Elect’s Cabinet is faithfully on track for keeping his promises to “drain the swamp” and take care of business. While Progressives may find it difficult to comprehend, it’s exactly what Trump supporters wanted: Nothing.

OK, I know. Trump supporters want jobs and a better economy. But here’s the reality: scapegoating minority groups and withholding benefits from other people, doesn’t generate the capacity to deliver anything. It’s pretty much the dead opposite of the kind of synergy needed to create jobs.

Going forward. If Americans are ready to talk about political corruption, we need to cover two items at the start:

  1. What kind of corruption is the other side is talking about? And why does it bother them?
  2. Do we actually agree, or disagree, on the value of Democracy?
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JoAnn Chateau
JoAnn Chateau

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