How did it happen that Las Vegas is the largest U.S. city to run entirely on renewable energy? Because it’s good business. Renewable energy generates energy cost savings, as well as lucrative business opportunities.

In fact, renewable energy is a global business trend. Soon, even American climate deniers will jump aboard the Green Energy Express.

Las Vegas Is Now Running Entirely on 100% Renewable Energy | True Activist 

“For those who don’t think sustainable initiatives are affordable, check the figures… The city will save approximately $5 million each year, as the sustainable initiatives have caused the city of Las Vegas to reduce electricity usage by 30%. According to Mayor Carolyn Goodman, the city is now a “world leader in sustainability.” Amanda Froelich

Climate Change? There’s Money to Be Made!

Folks are wary of a Trump Presidency, and concern about climate change is one of the big reasons. Solving problems, however, is the time-honored catalyst for innovative business solutions and making big money. Environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio and energy strategist Terry Tamminen recently met with President-Elect Donald Trump to talk about the challenges of climate action… and the huge business opportunity it represents.

“Big Picture Interview: Terry Tamminen, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, On His Meeting w/Trump About Climate Change. Is There “Green” Hope w/The Trump administration? This guest says there is.” ~ The Big Picture RT

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