You’ve heard of the media watchlist put out by “friendly neighborhood propaganda identification service” PropOrNot. There is a comparable service for academia. Professor Watchlist aggregates the list of college professors who “advance a radical agenda.” (FYI, liberal professors are clamoring to get on it.)

Chris Hedges talks to historian Ellen Schrecker about the watchlists and today’s brand of McCarthyism. They also explore the conservative suppression of liberal higher education that has occurred for over 40 years. Schrecker says, “Be very aware of what’s going on. There’s an attack on the American mind.”

“On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges explores the rise of a new McCarthyism with Professor Ellen Schrecker, author of “Many are the Crimes: McCarthyism in America”. They examine the role of President Elect Donald Trump and the impact the suppression of dissent has had on higher education. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at a few recent examples of targets of this new McCarthyism.” ~ RT America

Why are the humanities and social science programs so important to education? They teach us to think about ideas, and perhaps more importantly, broaden our sense of what it is to be human.

“The truly endangered part of American higher education is the humanities and some of the social sciences. And these are what a college education should be giving people with regard to the notion of being a citizen… Martha Nussbaum… talks about the humanities as giving people a taste for the other… And that makes you… somebody who can understand more than just me, me, me.” ~ Ellen Schrecker 

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