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Today is the Birthday of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera

This was in my mailbox this morning…

“When he visited Puerto Rico last May, Bernie [Sanders] called for the release of Oscar López Rivera, a Puerto Rican activist who is serving an unjust sentence.

Oscar was a Puerto Rican nationalist and member of FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation) who was strongly against the U.S. colonization of Puerto Rico. Imprisoned for his political opposition 35 years ago, Oscar has become one of the longest serving political prisoners in history. Much of that time has been spent in solitary confinement.

President Obama has the power before he leaves office to grant Oscar clemency, returning him to his family and home in Puerto Rico. Time is quickly running out and if Oscar is not pardoned by Obama, he will unfairly die in prison.

Our Revolution created a video about Oscar’s story, including conversations with his daughter, Clarisa, and elected officials who are joining her in calling for his release.

Tomorrow, January 6, is an important day in Puerto Rico. Not only is it the birthday of Oscar López Rivera – when he will turn 74 years old – it is also Three Kings Day, an important holiday for Puerto Ricans.

Three Kings Day is a time to exchange gifts, particularly for children. Let’s give Oscar’s daughter, Clarisa, the gift of having her father back.

This is as much a human rights issue as it is a criminal justice issue. Thank you for helping get the word out.

In solidarity,

Erika Andiola
Political Outreach Manager
Our Revolution

Please view and share.

#FreeOscarLopez. Please call the White House every weekday at 202-456-1111 until Oscar is free.

Happy Three Kings Day.

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