Author Lionel Shriver is known for creating characters who are “hard to love.” This is her take on the President-Elect’s potential as a fictional character in a novel: “Donald Trump wouldn’t work on paper.”

Faced with Current Reality, How Can Fiction Compete? (Link)

“Donald Trump wouldn’t work on paper. Obnoxious, crass, boastful and vulgar, with garish tastes and a Stepford wife, as a fictional character he’d seem too crudely drawn. Even in a trashy airport thriller, readers wouldn’t buy such a boor as president. Reviewers would slam the author for artless overkill. (I take that back. This book wouldn’t get reviewed at all.) As a notional construct, Trump wouldn’t fly in satire, either. Parody-proof, he’s too broad to be funny… I can’t be alone among fiction writers in regarding the world, so much weirder than anything we could make up, as beating us at our own game…” ~ Lionel Shriver

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