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‘Miracles Are Happening:’ Photos of the Tireless Women of Standing Rock | Vice Broadly

Caretakers and creators of beauty. Peace, conviction, strength and resolve. A week before denial of the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) occurred.

Photographer Celine Guiout and writer Zing Tsjeng capture the images and stories of Native American women who took action as Water Protectors during the months-long protest against DAPL at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation during 2016. Exquisite, moving, affirmative – “must-see” photojournalism.

‘Miracles Are Happening:’ Photos of the Tireless Women of Standing Rock (Link)

Photographer Celine Guiout photographed and interviewed the women of Standing Rock a week before the Water Protectors were told that their months-long test of endurance and activism had paid off. “Women are definitely a driving force in this massive gathering,” she tells Broadly. “All the women I had the chance to meet throughout my stay were incredibly optimistic about the outcome and peaceful resolution of the current situation. These women were completely unmovable in their faith…” ~ Zing Tsjeng


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