South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act Is Under Attack

South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act Is Under Attack


The recently passed state-wide South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act is unpopular with SD legislators and is under attack. Below is an update that Represent.Us emailed me this morning. It includes how you can help.

The recently passed state-wide South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act is unpopular with SD legislators and is under attack. Below is an update that Represent.Us emailed me this morning. It includes how you can help.

Wow, what a week it’s been defending America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act here in South Dakota. We’re making progress, but we’ll need to act quickly if we want to stop attacks on this law. Let me tell you how our protest went – and then I’m hoping you’ll join the next part of the campaign by calling South Dakotans this coming Thursday.

Click here to RSVP.

Now, on to the campaign updates! First, here’s us at the capitol. That’s me in the middle:

Tuesday was the first day back in session for the politicians who want to dismantle the Anti-Corruption Act, and I’m not going to sugar-coat it: they went for the jugular. Governor Daugaard attacked the Act during his opening speech. Politicians filed two bills that would gut nearly every important element of the Anti-Corruption Act.

But we’re fighting back, and it’s making them nervous. We took out full-page newspaper ads shaming the politicians attacking the will of the voters. We released a video about two of the leaders of the opposition, Blake Curd and Deb Peters, and it was picked up by the media.

And just before the session started on Tuesday, Represent.Us members from all over the state gathered outside the capitol building, carrying signs and shouting “Respect the vote!” Reporters came to the protest to interview us and they’ve published dozens of stories since.

The attention is starting to get to these politicians. They thought they could openly attack an anti-corruption law without being held accountable.

But we haven’t won yet. The Senate is still planning to bring repeal bills to the floor as early as next week.

These politicians claim this is an out-of-state campaign. They’re wrong. I’m a South Dakotan, and I spent hours collecting petition signatures here in South Dakota to get this on the ballot.

The only way we can convince the legislature that this is something their constituents care about is to get South Dakotans on the phone with them – and you can help with that. On Thursday night, we’re launching a program that enables people across the country to contact voters in South Dakota and patch them through to their elected officials.

It’s a lot like the on-call program we launched during election season – with your help we made nearly 30,000 calls to voters to help pass this Act. Now we need your help to defend it.

RSVP here to join us on Thursday at 6pm ET/3pm PT to help patch South Dakotans through to their lawmakers. We’ll give you a script and training.

Our goal is to make sure every politician receives fifty phone calls a week to show them there’s massive local support for the Anti-Corruption Act.


Doug Doug Kronaizl
Represent South Dakota

“Represent.Us members helped South Dakota become the first state in America to pass an Anti-Corruption Act. Stop the bribery. End secret Money. Fix our elections. ”


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JoAnn Chateau
    • Yes! Represent.Us has been at it for several years. They had about 12 wins, big and small, throughout the country in the 2016 elections. The work is gaining momentum.

  • I love to see this kind of advocacy. I see so much on the Social Media about “what’s wrong” but that doesn’t change anything, what does make change is informed action, and that is what your are fostering. Great work and I am on your side on the other side of the border. Peace, Harlon

    • Thank you, Harlon, for your insightful and supportive statement. So true, change doesn’t happen without informed action.

      Many well-meaning people, however, fail to take action because they think it’s impossible to fight “city hall.” So when people learn of individuals and groups out there who are doing just that, often with powerful results, and that it’s relatively painless to join them – I hope they may be encouraged.

      And I need the encouragement. These are dark times. I could not bear my country’s political corruption, or global climate change, without the knowledge that many, many people around the world are fighting the good fight. There’s still a chance.

JoAnn Chateau

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