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Edward Snowden on the History of Intelligence Agencies | acTVism

The Jan. 14 Freedom and Democracy panel was awesome–informative, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Granted, with six speakers, it was rather long. However, there is now a video available of the Edward Snowden portion of the panel (33 min). It’s well worth the watch.

Edward Snowden – History of Intelligence Agencies | acTVism

Hear about… The 1974 Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI and its radical act of lawbreaking… The man who the FBI considered the most dangerous threat to national security… How the codeword “national security” is not about preventing invasion or protecting democracy… Modern whistleblowers since 9/11… Safe whistleblowing procedures… and more.

If you have the time, the full event is below. It’s all in English.

Event: Edward Snowden, Jeremy Scahill, JüRgen TodenhöFer, Paul Jay, Richard Wolff & SrećKo Horvat | acTVism Munich

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