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How to Rig the Trump Inauguration TV Ratings

So… I saw this on Google+. It tells you how you can “effect” (rig) the Trump Inauguration TV ratings. When the ratings are LOW, it delivers a BLOW.

The trick? Turn all your television sets ON. But DO NOT watch any Inauguration programming. In short, January 21 is a great day to binge on cooking shows and cartoons.

I’ll turn my TV on this Friday, and search for Columbo reruns. It’s amusing how the guilty suspects always underestimate the rumpled Columbo… Which kind of reminds me of Bernie Sanders… sigh… SIGH.

What will you watch on Inauguration Day?

Still, there is one drawback to boycotting Trump’s inauguration–missing the great celebrity entertainment. Lewis Black says it’ll be something else!

The Trump Inauguration’s No-Star Lineup | The Daily Show

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