We Are the President’s Advisors

We Are the President’s Advisors


Today is the Inauguration day of Donald Trump as our nation’s 45th President. The event must have some kind of wacky psychological association for me, because I keep finding myself meditating upon “power” and “riches.”

After much ado over Donald Trump’s Cabinet selection, today he was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. The event must hold some kind of psychological association for me, for I found myself meditating upon “riches” and “power.”

Everyone knows that riches are great. They lead to power, which is fantastic! And then, power leads to corruption… Wait a minute.

Oh yes. Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes. Based on his knowledge of history, Lord Acton put it this way: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton

Long before Lord Acton, I imagine Jesus was thinking of the corrupting influence of wealth and power when He said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:25)

In Jesus’ day, the “eye of the needle” referred to a small gate that walled cities used for security at nighttime. The smaller gate prevented marauding thieves from sweeping into the city under the cover of dark. It slowed down camels, too.

The camel has to be unloaded completely then coaxed onto its knees so that it can crawl through the small gate which is called "The Eye of the Needle." (Photo: Bertram Poole Art)
The camel has to be unloaded completely then coaxed onto its knees so that it can crawl through the small gate which is called “The Eye of the Needle.” (Photo: Bertram Poole Art)

Am I saying that Donald Trump is going to be the richest, most powerful, most corrupt U.S. President of all time? I would never say such a thing, although you are allowed to think whatever you must. I simply note that Donald Trump will be confronted with more corrupting temptation than any previous President in U.S. history–precisely because of his great wealth.

That’s where we come in.

"Democracy is when the people keep government in check." ~ Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi is the State Counsellor of Myanmar (Burma) and Leader of the National League for Democracy.

It would be irresponsible and cruel to leave anyone alone to face such a crushing onslaught of corruption as that which will soon tempt our new President. Or do I mean, “crushing onslaught of temptation that will soon corrupt…”?

Of course President Trump has select advisors and Cabinet leaders to do the work, err… to help him. But their wealth and worldly power expose them to the very same seductive temptations. Therefore, We, The People, must always stand outside the President’s small circle of “Yes” people. We must never be tempted to kiss his derrière.

Neither is actually a realistic temptation for me. Do you expect to be near enough for him to hear your voice, or for you to take aim at his backside?

However, I am confident that as we stand together all across this country, we will firmly guide the man now installed in the highest office of our land. Together, we will keep our eyes on the prize of democracy. Together, we have the power. Together, we are the President’s advisors.

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JoAnn Chateau
  • I appreciate concerns of yours and those who have chipped in with their comments here, JoAnn. As an outsider viewing American scene from a distant gallery, I believe liberal values are taking a, hopefully temporary, beating, not only in the Americas but many other regions around the world. Aberrations such as Brexit and DJT are clear signs of failure of liberal administrations in addressing the needs of all sections of people. Liberalism or Neo-liberalism will not enjoy a free rein with market capitalism allowing wealth and privileges to concentrate in a few hands and marginalizing greater numbers of people. This is not to say that commerce and industry need not be promoted but they have to operate within effective checks and balances whereby benefits will percolate to people at all levels. Electoral politics must be liberated from the clutches of big money on topmost priority to ensure truly beneficial policies and cleaner governance that will take the country forward. It may not be an overnight process but the thinking must engage the minds of larger numbers of people for it to solidify into transformative action and salutary changes on the ground. Nothing is forever including the present incumbent, whether good or bad. If things work out in spite of bad indications, no worries. If not, it is open to correction after four years. Best wishes…xx

  • You just don’t get it. No President has absolute Power. And I think The Donald is in it to stroke his ego – and that’s OK because he needs to succeed. He needs Congress and The American Public to agree with him if he is to change the way things are done in Washington – or more accurately NOT done in Washington. He will do more good than harm (we all hope) and Lord knows we need it. The Government is officially bankrupt. We do lose to every other country that trades with us. Social Security is the biggest fraud in world and is already bankrupt. People – get real and look at where we are instead of what might be. Step back, take a deep breath and watch what action he takes. Do not listen to those who have no plan of their own. They offer nothing but seeds of fear – just fear; and we know we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    • I absolutely DO get that the President needs Congress and The People to support his efforts. When he is on the right track, we’ll support him.

      Since you commented on my blog, I assume you venture out in your political reading in order to better understand the opposition’s view. We need more of that, and I appreciate your input.

      I’m #StillSanders – forever. But even if Bernie had won the White House, there would have been tremendous opposition – at least from Washington insiders. So I can imagine how you feel when you see that not everybody “gets” your guy.

      Personally, I am thrilled that 1000’s of Americans are protesting, it shows that our political complacency is over. People are awake and raring to go. As Bernie says, “Democracy is messy.”

  • We will have to come together in such numbers he will be forced to listen. I don’t think he’s much of a listener. My hope is that his election to this great post will galvanise those who want to maintain protections for human rights, the environment, the Paris Agreement, public lands and national parks, wildlife and last but not least, farmed animals. There’s always hope.

    • I’m in total agreement, Untamed. And there really is room for hope — this Trump presidency has shocked many into action (protests, demonstrations, marches) and spurred our most devoted activists to up their game. Peace!

  • If you are to be the President’s advisors I hope you will start soon with asking him to reconsider some of the choices he’s made for the top jobs starting with a woman who may very well ruin your school system by draining it of money for her private schools. Perhaps he might also hear you shout that he mustn’t start opening coal mines again and definitely must not start fracking on your coast lines.
    Maybe he shouldn’t give up on the Paris agreement on carbon emissions, and perhaps abandoning NATO would be a mistake as it’s abandoning America’s allies.
    Building your armed forces might be good in terms of employment but where are you going to use them? Are you off to war again or will they serve as the big wall between you and Mexico.
    Perhaps a man who believes gays can be cured by electrocution is in the wrong job as is a man whose opinions on your black population stopped him being considered for a job as a judge in the past. And an advisor with links to the far right including the KKK shouldn’t be in post. This is only the tip of the iceberg of course since half his nominations are for jobs the appointees are opposed to the principles of.
    You may have to get bullhorns and shout very loudly to get him to hear, but whether you’ll get him to listen is anyone’s guess since he obviously believes he’s always right.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Dear David, you must be from the UK (a “shire” locale?) Thank you for the empathetic rant and support. We are in this together, fighting for democracy and our rights, worldwide.

      Meanwhile, the Trump presidency has shocked many here into action. The protests, yesterday, for instance. And today is the Women’s March on Washington D.C. and other cities around the country (like St. Petersburg FL, near me); at least 3 of my fellow-bloggers are marching in D.C. today.

      I checked out your blog – must follow (political cats?) will watch for your posts. Hope we may share more thoughts in the future. The very best to you in 2017.

  • Perhaps he may turn out not to be corrupted by wealth since he already has it. I don’t think any other rich presidents were. He’s 70, I think. At that age does wealth really mean anything? So perhaps service and integrity will prevail.

    I like the idea that “we” are the president’s advisers but does not seem has been the case.

    • That is a genuine possibility and I hope you are right, Carl. However, since Trump has not divested his personal business and put the money in a blind trust… I don’t know. I can understand how a successful business worked with your loved ones might be the most precious and meaningful experience of a lifetime… and yet this, otherwise healthy attachment, is corrupting the Presidential office. People don’t need to be “bad” to be corrupted, they only need to be human — and surrounded by people who never challenge them.

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