UPDATE, Jan 30, 2017

Benoit Hamon won the Socialist Party Primary in France. He is still considered the underdog of the 2017 Election, which will be held on Sunday, April 23.

Benoit Hamon Is Known as the Bernie Sanders of France — and He Just Won the Socialist Party Primary for President | Los Angeles Times

My French genes are singing…!

Benoit Hamon – the ‘French Bernie Sanders’ – Goes from Underdog to Socialist Favourite (Link)

“Benoit Hamon, who was a surprise winner of the first round of the French Socialists’ presidential primary on Sunday, was the furthest to the left of the top three contenders. Hamon, 49, whose signature proposal is the introduction of a universal basic income, shot up in voter surveys during a rushed campaign that saw three debates in little over a week in January.” […] ~ The Local – France’s News in English

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