Both Ralph Nader and Michael Moore recommend forming small Citizen Action Groups. In an effort to do that, I sent a version of the following email to some of my friends — so that we may exert our wise and kind influence upon the American democratic process.

This particular Action Alert regards South Dakota. In one of my favorite outcomes of the 2016 Election, South Dakota passed the first state-wide Anti-Corruption Act in the United States. But almost immediately, SD Republican leadership launched an attack. This week they called a spurious state of emergency in order to nullify the new ethics law!

Care to oppose the legislative machinations going on in South Dakota? Add your voice.

About the Citizen Action Group

Together, and in concert with many other small groups around the country, we have political POWER. Our group can do things like:

  • Share action alerts via email, phone, or text.
  • Call our representatives.
  • Attend local activism events together.
  • Compose Letters to the Editor.
  • Share pertinent articles, videos, documentaries, and books.
  • Whatever you want!
  • No pressure – just participate when you’re able and available.

Please tell me, now or at any time, if you don’t want to be involved. No problem. No explanation needed. No more emails. <3

The SD Anti-Corruption Action Alert

Without further ado… An urgent issue is upon us. It involves only a brief phone call.

Action Alert #1 – Regarding the South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act

I am forwarding a citizen action alert that you may be interested in joining. The aim is to protect the new South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act.

If you choose to make the call, you may say something like this:

To: Sen. Blake Curd (R-SD)
Number: 605-331-5890
“I’m calling to urge you to abandon your call to repeal IM-22, South Dakota’s Anti-Corruption Act. South Dakota voters said they wanted a strong anti-corruption law. Be responsive to the people. Accept the outcome of your state election. The public is watching.”

If asked, tell them which state you live in. If that is not South Dakota, be sure to add, “The country is watching.”

Thank you for taking the time to look at this, and please feel free to forward it to a friend. The SD legislature may vote on this issue as early as Friday, Jan. 27.

Further details are in the forwarded message from Dan Krassner of Represent.Us (See below).

 Background Information on the SD Anti-Corruption Act

South Dakota Republicans Are About to Get Rid of the State’s First Independent Ethics Commission | The Washington Post – This is what’s happening.

READ THE ACT | South Dakotans for Ethics Reform – Read a short summary, or link to the full document.

South Dakota Revision of State Campaign Finance and Lobbying Laws, Initiated Measure 22 (2016) | Ballotpedia – A summary of all past and present legislative actions surrounding IM-22.

South Dakota gets F grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation | The Center for Public Integrity – SD did well on integrity through 2014. Last 2 years? Failing.

 Charles Koch’s Network Launches New Fight to Keep Donors Secret | USA Today – The Koch Brothers have a history in SD.

Represent.Us – Nonpartisan Anti-Corruption Action Group – Represent.Us helped Tallahassee, FL become the first U.S. city (2014) to vote in an Anti-Corruption Act.

The Email from Represent.Us

Politicians are declaring a fake “state of emergency” so they can ram through a Koch-backed bill to gut America’s first Anti-Corruption Act in South Dakota.

They’re planning to vote on it this week. We need to spread the word about this story now to raise public outcry. Share this video [on Facebook] to get the word out:

The repeal bill would overturn the results of the election – and the fake “emergency” means voters are locked out of the process. It would take effect immediately, and would:

  • Stop the creation of an independent ethics commission
  • Block limits on lobbyist gifts to politicians
  • Roll back tougher penalties for bribery
  • Cut everyday people out and give more power to big money

Declaring a fake state of emergency so politicians can ignore the will of the voters is a disturbing attack on voter rights – and backers of the bill know that, so they introduced it late on Friday while the press was distracted covering the inauguration.

We can’t let politicians get away with burying this story. We need to raise public outcry and get the media covering this story, now.

Please share this video today. Then call Senator Blake Curd, the ringleader of repeal efforts, tell him to stop the attacks: 605-331-5890

Thank you for being part of the 100 Days to Drain the Swamp campaign and fighting this massive attack on voters.

Dan's headshot Dan Krassner
Political Director

Saving Democracy

At this point, only millions of The People working in concert can save democracy. Please feel free to copy/share/reblog this post if you think it will be helpful. If you have experience with Citizen Action Groups or something similar, please share it in a comment. We’re all in this together!

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