South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act Repealed – Demand a Veto!

South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act Repealed – Demand a Veto!


PETITION: The South Dakota legislators have repealed that state’s new Anti-Corruption Act. Tell Gov. Daugaard to block the repeal.

PETITION: The South Dakota legislators have repealed that state’s new Anti-Corruption Act. Tell Gov. Daugaard to veto the repeal.

The email from Represent.Us explains:

After thousands of emails and calls from voters, protests outside the capital, and a standing-room-only crowd in the Capitol balcony chanting “Respect our vote!” the South Dakota Senate brazenly voted to overturn the election results anyway and repeal America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act.

The repeal bill is on its way to Governor Dennis Daugaard’s desk. Sign this petition to send an immediate email to Daugaard so he knows the whole nation is witnessing a U.S. Governor overturn the results of a free and fair election, undermining democracy in the process.

Together, we’ve used social media, phone calls, and newspaper ads to make repealing the Anti-Corruption Act a political nightmare for every politician involved — and they deserve it. South Dakota politicians are lying to voters to give themselves false political cover. It’s appalling.

Sources tell us that the outgoing Governor is concerned about his legacy, and this kind of negative attention is exactly what he’s trying to avoid.

We need to remind him, publicly, that a legacy of ignoring cronyism and corruption is unacceptable. That ignoring the will of the people comes with a heavy political price. Moments like these give us the opportunity to leverage the full power of our nationwide network behind a cause we all believe in. Let’s use it.

We need to show the Governor that the whole country is watching. Attacking democracy won’t be tolerated. Will you sign and share the petition demanding a veto?

Then call the governor: 605.773.3212

This is not normal. It’s not ok. We will not stand for it. Our democracy is at stake – and it’s up to us to defend it.

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