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Community College Tuition-Free for All Tennesseans | Tennessee State Government

Gov. Bill Haslam recently made an announcement that Tennessee will add tuition-free community college for adults to the TN Reconnect program, which already offers a free 2-year degree or certificate program to graduating high school students.

How does Tennessee manage what many other states seemingly cannot do? I’m not sure. But it appears the state is fiscally responsible. “For a second year in a row, and the second year in Tennessee recorded history, the state budget does not take on any new debt.”

Haslam: Community College Tuition-Free for All Tennesseans (Link)

“NASHVILLE – In his seventh State of the State address to the General Assembly, Gov. Bill Haslam introduced his proposal to make Tennessee the first state in the nation to offer all Tennessee adults without a degree access to community college tuition-free – and at no cost to taxpayers.” ~ Tennessee State Government

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