We all wonder what the heck is going on with the Trump Administration and Russia. In the video below, Sen. Bernie Sanders clarifies the right questions to ask and urges a rigorous investigation.

No politicizing. No more cover ups.

Bernie Explains Questions Around Trump’s Ties to Russia | Bernie Sanders

Factors Surrounding Trump Nomination

Allow me to add more questions. Who will conduct the investigation? Can we trust their integrity and judgement? If the whole Trump Administration comes crashing down, who will run the country?

But there’s one thing I know for sure: the Russians didn’t get Donald Trump nominated. That happened before the DNC and Podesta email leaks.

Right now, national security is paramount. If the Russians have swayed a U.S. election, if the President is vulnerable to blackmail, these are unthinkable security breaches. Protections must be implemented immediately.

Once security is back under control, we need to question this narrative that Russia duped us into voting for a glorified property salesman. They may have taken advantage of the situation, but they didn’t force Republicans to nominate Donald Trump. Here are the factors that share responsibility for the Trump nomination:

  • The corrupting influence of Big Money in politics
  • The once honorable Fourth Estate laying on its back
  • Far-Right contempt for science, education, and intelligence in general

We don’t need Russia to take us down. We are doing that ourselves.


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