There are sure to be some trusting souls who believe in the President’s reference to a recent terrorist attack in Sweden. But the statement was inaccurate, a gaff, a version of alternate news, or just plain ol’ fake news. If anyone is still confused, Jill Dennison has done an admirable job of double-checking the alternative vs. reality versions of the so-called event…

“Did you hear about the terrorist attack on Sweden last Friday? If we had waited for the mainstream media to tell us about it, we still wouldn’t know.  But, since according to Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, we should get all our news directly from Trump, we now know about the attack.  Thank you, Donnie T. for the enlightenment!  Only one problem … there was no terrorist attack on Sweden on Friday … or any other time, for that matter…”

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Still don’t believe Number 45 misinformed his audience yesterday afternoon? Then Google “terrorist attack Sweden 2017” for yourself.

Be aware. Be fair.


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