I haven’t journaled since my teens. Destined for the trash, those scribbles were either too boring, or too embarrassing, to reread (or for someone else to find!) Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was using writing as a therapeutic technique. But what about keeping a writer’s journal, now that I’m well-adjusted? That could be treasure, not trash.

In any case, Austin L. Wiggins has convinced me to find some sturdy notebooks and give journaling a go…

“Not all good writers journal, but good journaling can make a bad writer decent, and a decent writer good.” ~ Austin L. Wiggins

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Are you a writer-journaler? If so, how has journaling impacted your writing? Do you prefer a digital or handwritten journal? Do you keep it under lock-and-key, like a stash of corporate secrets?

Go ahead and share your journaling thoughts, or experiences, in the comments. We all can use some insight and inspiration. <3


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