Am I clueless, or does a U.S./Mexico wall seem a useless waste of money and time? (Not to mention, it’s rather insulting to our good neighbor Mexico.)

So maybe there’s another reason for the wall. A smart reason. A smart business reason. Wouldn’t “The Wall” make a great marketing theme for a new chain of hotels? You know, something like what political activist and graffiti artist Banksy has done in Bethlehem.

Banksy Puts Mark on Bethlehem Hotel With ‘Worst View in the World’ | The New York Times

“Welcome to the ‘hotel with the worst view in the world.’ Please be mindful of the million-dollar art on the walls. The elusive British street artist Banksy has decorated the interiors of the Walled Off Hotel, a nine-room guesthouse in the West Bank city of Bethlehem whose windows overlook the barrier that separates the territory from Israel…” ~ Russell Goldman

Banksy Opens Walled off Hotel in Bethlehem | Al Jazeera English

“The ‘Walled Off’ hotel has windows which face onto a view of the wall, which cuts through the occupied West Bank. In 2005, Banksy said he considers the separation wall illegal and wanted to use his art to highlight the impact the barrier has on the lives of Palestinians. Bernard Smith has been taking a look at the ‘Walled Off’ hotel.” ~ Al Jazeera English

Now, for a “wall-themed” hotel chain, art would be a wasteful expense. To maximize profits, a marketing genius might rather bestow a common, loud, easily duplicated “patriotic” ambiance — in order to target and attract lots of guests from the populous far-right.

Bigly financial winners have proved time and again, that when you give those folks strong emotional feelings, they buy into anything. Thought-provoking art would be unnecessary, and even undesirable!


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