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Which Country Does the Most Good for the World? | Simon Anholt

If “good” is defined to mean the opposite of “selfish,” which country in the world is the “goodest?” And, why should we care if a country is “good” or not? Please join government policy advisor Simon Anholt as he explores the topic of national goodness in the age of globalization.

Your worldview will never be the same!

“(July 2014) It’s an unexpected side effect of globalization: problems that once would have stayed local—say, a bank lending out too much money—now have consequences worldwide. But still, countries operate independently, as if alone on the planet. Policy advisor Simon Anholt has dreamed up an unusual scale to get governments thinking outwardly: The Good Country Index. In a riveting and funny talk, he answers the question, “Which country does the most good?” The answer may surprise you.” ~ TED Talks

Do You Live in a Good Country?

Since 2014, when this video was made, the Good Country Index has been updated. Check it out to see how “good” your country ranks in the most recent Index. The following indices are measured:

  • Science & Technology
  • Culture
  • International Peace & Security
  • World Order
  • Planet & Climate
  • Prosperity & Equality
  • Health & Well-being


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