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How Foreign Powers Could Try to Buy Trump | The Atlantic

Atlantic writer Jeremy Venook explains why Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest are a big deal…

How Foreign Powers Could Try to Buy Trump

“Donald Trump is an unprecedentedly wealthy president, who owns or licenses his name to buildings, casinos, and luxury hotels around the world. An ethics watchdog group has already brought a lawsuit against him for violating the Constitution’s “Emoluments Clause,” which prohibits government officials from receiving gifts from foreign states. Trump has taken few steps to distance himself from his organization, and foreign governments could use the President’s business interests as bargaining chips to influence his policymaking. Atlantic writer Jeremy Venook has been monitoring the President’s growing list of conflicts of interests since November 2016, and breaks down some of the most alarming ones in this video.” ~ The Atlantic

Be aware. Be fair (objective).

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  • That’s one of the more fair and even-keeled analyses I’ve seen of the conflict of interest issue. But, when it comes to the presidency, doesn’t everyone have a conflict of interest? Wouldn’t everyone be tempted to use the power at their disposal for their own ends or the ends of a special interest they represent instead of the common good?

    • The Atlantic is reliably moderate, and it sure has a useful place in the big picture.

      I absolutely agree with what you’re saying about everyone having a conflict of interest. As my sidebar quote says, “Power tends to corrupt…”

      Supposedly… that’s why our government has checks and balances… why we have laws… why we should enforce the laws…

      Still, the extent to which Trump flaunts his conflicts of interest…!!! Someday he’ll push Boss Tweed’s name aside in the history books. (If we still have schools.)

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