How to Celebrate National Poultry Day–With the Birds!

National Poultry Day, March 19th, is typically celebrated by eating meals that star chicken or turkey meat. But aren’t celebrations more fun when everyone parties? Including the birds? Aware and fair-minded people, along with live poultry everywhere, approve celebratory meals made with luscious pasture-raised chicken eggs on this happy occasion. ❤

Free-Range Egg Recipes

Hilltops Free Range Eggs (Australia) provide clear instructions for basic home-cooked egg dishes, from hard-boiled eggs (the bonafide best method!) to sponge cake. Check out Cooking Light for creative and elegant vegetarian egg entree ideas.

Tomato-Leek Pie with Quinoa Crust (Photo: Jennifer Causey)

When purchasing your eggs at the supermarket, be sure to look for genuine “free-range” and “free-roaming” or “pasture-raised” eggs. Below, the Humane Society tells you what your egg label really means.

What Your Egg Label Really Means

Free-Range Chicken Eggs Are Pricey

Unfortunately, the better free-range chicken egg brands are pricey. Maybe March 19th is an auspicious day to begin raising your own chickens? Why not save money, as well as make money by selling eggs to your neighbors?

Robin Mather from Mother Earth News will get you started on the right track…

How and Why of Free-Range Chickens | Mother Earth News

Naturally, your chickens deserve the best feed…

Organic Homemade Chicken Feed Recipe (That Won’t Break the Bank) | Frugal Chicken

“I’ve cracked the code on creating a homemade organic feed recipe your chicken will love, and your wallet will love it too.” ~ Maat van Uitert

Vegans Warn That Pasture-Raised Eggs Are a Slippery Slope

Serious vegans may warn that, although pasture-raised eggs are OK in terms of animal welfare, they put you on the proverbial slippery slope. The next thing you know, you slip back to vegetarian, and then vegetarian 2-3 days a week, and so forth. Honor poultry in a different way, and avoid the backslide by sticking to vegan versions of your favorite egg dishes.

This vegan omelet made with chickpea flour looks tasty–without eggs or soy!

Spanish Sweet Potato Omelette that is egg- gluten- soy- and dairy- free (Photo: Goodness Green)

Happy (Pasture-Raised and Vegetarian) National Poultry Day! The chicks rejoice!



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