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The Secular Jurist is administrated by an astute political analyst, Robert A. Vella. When I stopped by the site yesterday, I saw that he had shared Chris Hedges’ latest report from Truthdig. I read it. Hedges isn’t just on a rant, he gives a profound explanation for why societies, including ours, has fallen…

The Dance of Death | Truthdig

“…Sigmund Freud wrote that societies, along with individuals, are driven by two primary instincts. One is the instinct for life, Eros, the quest to love, nurture, protect and preserve. The second is the death instinct. The death instinct, called Thanatos by post-Freudians, is driven by fear, hatred and violence. It seeks the dissolution of all living things, including our own beings. One of these two forces, Freud wrote, is always ascendant. Societies in decline enthusiastically embrace the death instinct, as Freud observed in “Civilization and Its Discontents,” written on the eve of the rise of European fascism and World War II. …” ~ Chris Hedges

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SOURCE: The Dance of Death #climatechange #neoliberalism #auspol  | The Secular Jurist

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