A lot of people say their favorite thing in nature is a tree. I understand. You can love a tree. A tree loves you back–with shade, oxygen, and musical rustling leaves.

Happily, today we officially recognize our phenomenal trees and woodlands–it’s International Day of Forests 2017! This year’s theme is Wood Energy

International Day of Forests 2017 | Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

“Forests and trees absorb the sun’s energy and store it by turning it into wood—the world’s most used source of renewable energy. While we have been using this energy source to cook and heat our homes since the discovery of fire, today’s scientific advances are opening up even more uses, like turning wood waste into liquid biofuels that fuel cars and airplanes. Using wood harvested from sustainably managed forests keeps a balance for future generations and ensures that wood remains a fuel of the future. Join us in celebrating the International Day of Forests on 21 March 2017.” ~ Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

Get out there & care.

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