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TrumpCare? It Must Be the Best We Can Do.

Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp begins his piece on TrumpCare with, “This is the best we can do. No other developed nation has found a feasible way….” Hilarious!

THIS Is What The Media Refuses To Tell You About The Healthcare Debate! | Lee Camp

“The numbers show even more Americans will be left without health care under the Trumpcare proposal than those left behind in Obamacare. These latest stats only remind us how woefully the U.S. is behind other developed nations when it comes to universal health care.” ~ Redacted Tonight

Be aware, be fair.

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  • Yes, that’s right. (Of course that wasn’t inherent in the ACA legislation. It was a consequence of the Supreme Court’s decision that Congress cannot “compel” certain state actions by use of the purse (an odd recent doctrine) and the autonomous decision of many Republican-led states. The legislation would have covered those people. But even beyond that “hole,” the ACA by its terms was not intended to cover everyone. Undocumented aliens, for example. The ACA, which was after all designed by the Heritage Foundation and vetted by Mitt Romney, was not socialized medicine despite what the GOP would have us believe. If it were, it would be too popular to repeal now.

    But in your quote, is he saying simply that the AHCA will cover fewer than the ACA? Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? It is designed to cover fewer people. Isn’t that what the GOP calls “freedom”? Or am I missing some other point that is being made?

    • Thanks for following-up, DK. I don’t know that you are missing any point. But the reason I shared Camp’s video is for this point: “The U.S. is behind other developed nations when it comes to universal health care.”

  • Shouldn’t the quote say that more people will be left behind than “before Obamacare was enacted” not “in Obamacare”? The reason that more will be uninsured is that there is a very drastic cut in Medicare Trust Fund.

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