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Waste Not, Want Not: It’s World Water Day 2017

The only thing more refreshing than pure, plain water, is watermelon. (Why can’t we buy watermelon juice at the store???) Never mind.

Let’s look at how wastewater treatment facilities turn dirty water into pure, plain water, because… today is World Water Day 2017–and the theme is Wastewater Awareness

Wastewater Treatment and Micro-Pollutants

This is what you need to know. Bite the bullet. Watch the video (the information is good). You get dessert later.

“Raising awareness for World water day 2017 concerning “micro-pollutants” within our watershed and the effects on our downstream users.” ~ Backcountry YYC

World Water Day 2017 Photo Contest

[This is dessert.]

This year’s “Wastewater” theme is not exactly glamorous. The Italian branch of the Lions Club must have felt the same way. They organized a photography contest to commemorate World Water Day.

A visit to the contest photo gallery won’t give you wastewater terrors. While I can’t image that an artsy photographer or two didn’t shoot nightmarish scenes of polluted wastewater, no such gruesome images made the short list. Each photo entry is refined, pure watery eloquence.

Happy World Water Day!

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