American History scholar Nathan Wuertenber, currently a doctoral candidate at George Washington University, offers insight into how Donald Trump became President. In short, a lot of Americans want to hang on to white supremacy…

This Really Is Your America | The Activist History Review

“…Donald Trump won the election because he won the white vote, and he won the white vote because he promised to maintain white power. Ignoring that fact and its historical origins does little to solve the problem. Being surprised enough by Trump’s victory to declare that Trump’s America is not your America doesn’t prevent the return of overt white supremacy to American politics. Continuing to refuse to fully acknowledge the fundamental connection between Trump’s message and the broader historical experience of the United States allows that message to continue to have power in American politics and society…” ~ Nathan Wuertenber

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Activists in the current American Resistance must appreciate historical truths and their connection to present day political realities. We need to know what we’re dealing with, and we must help less informed people connect the dots.

For that, The Activist History Review may be a helpful website. You’ll find well-researched articles with footnotes and references. Check out what they say about themselves:

“Everyone involved in TAHR is dedicated to a simple principle: that the past is relevant to the present. We hail from a wide variety of personal, political, intellectual, and disciplinary backgrounds both in and out of academia. The issues of today were formed historically, and the only appropriate solutions to those issues are ones informed by a comprehensive understanding of how they came to be. Each of us lives in towns and cities founded and built by our ancestors, forms ideas based on those of our predecessors, and demands social change based on their struggles. The Review is intended to allow us and others like us the opportunity to use our knowledge of the past to help inform our decisions in the present. Our struggle is not optional. Failing to understand the forces that shape our world is a luxury of the powerful.

This website opened on Inauguration Day, 2017, in the United States, a moment poised on the precipice of a forbidding uncertainty…”

~ The Activist History Review

Be aware. Be fair. Study.

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