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Pip the Pup Turns His Nose to Environmental Protection of Oceans – #StopSucking - Canine News
Written by Chester

Pip the Pup, a former rescue dog, has turned his nose to environmental protection and healthy oceans. He wants you to #StopSucking — to stop using plastic drinking straws. They can’t be recycled! They’re filling the oceans and crowding out sea life.

You don’t even need straws to lap up a good drink. Take the #StopSucking pledge at

Watch Pip’s latest ad…

Make your bark heard. #StopSucking #SXSW

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Pip’s human, Actor Adrian Grenier, does the longer-leg work.

Adrian Grenier talks about his #StopSucking campaign

“Actor Adrian Grenier takes some time out from SXSW to talk to FOX 7’s Tania Ortega about his campaign to stop the use of plastic straws which end up polluting the ocean. You can get more information at www,” ~ Fox 7 Austin

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  • I am a keen ocean conservationist as well as a dog lover… just check out my blog for proof. It’s so awesome that you are raising awareness in such an awesome way so nice one! And pip is just adorable!!!! Followed 😊

  • I just wrote about this same topic today, but I believe Pip the Pup will reach a much wider audience! Thanks for sharing the cuteness along with the goodness.

    • You’re very kind, Shannon. <3 Environmental protection needs the support of every living, breathing creature. Even humans, the worst polluters, can help (opposable-thumb abilities!) ~ Chester

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