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Holocaust Survivor Bernard Marks Speaks Truth to Power

Holocaust survivor Bernard Marks spoke up in defense of undocumented immigrants at an immigration forum held in Sacramento, California on Tuesday. Marks sees the parallel between ICE deportations and the beginning of Nazi Germany’s persecution of the Jews: Scapegoating.

“Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat,
blaming them for Germany’s economic and social problems.
The Nazi party promised to resolve these issues,
and in 1932 won 37% of the vote.”

~ Life Before the Holocaust, British Library

Holocaust Survivor Disgusted By Trump’s America

Young Turk hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian show, and comment upon, the video of holocaust survivor Bernard Marks, in which Marks concludes his statement by criticizing the Trump Administration.

Holocaust Survivor Warns Trump Administration: ‘History Is Not on Your Side’ | Time

“An 87-year-old Holocaust survivor didn’t mince words when he told off a top immigration enforcement official at a meeting in California Tuesday —warning that history is not on the side of the Trump administration…” ~ Jennifer Calfas

Be aware.

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    This video about a Holocaust survivor speaking out against our rabid deportation policies isn’t the only The Young Turks YouTube video that won’t load on my computer. The other video is about the criminal aspects of Miami-Dade State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle’s “close-out” report on the 2012 scalding homicide of mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey by corrections officers. Both videos play very well on my phone, which means that YouTube isn’t censoring The Young Turks … instead it’s likely Comcast – my ISP – that’s doing so. What does corporate misbehavior that have to do with the Holocaust? Everything, according to a book – IBM and the Holocaust – that a friend brought to my attention this morning.

    • That is incredible, Susan. Between this kind of thing and rolled back privacy, any new ISP who promises “net neutrality” could put the others out of business.

      Shame on IBM. Koch industries also grew off the Nazis. Probably many more. War profiteers.

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