Donald Trump may have signed an executive order to undue his predecessor’s environmental protection policies, but many large corporations are not following his lead. Rather, they consider it a good idea to follow the Paris Agreement, the global action plan that aims to curb climate change…

Apple and Walmart Stand by Climate Change Policies Despite Trump’s Executive Order | Fortune

Exxon Mobil Urged White House to Stick with Paris Climate Agreement | Huffington Post

Hundreds of U.S. Businesses Urge Trump to Uphold Paris Climate Deal | NPR

An example of a corporate climate action plan:

Climate Strategy | Johnson & Johnson

Why the Paris Climate Treaty is a bargain:

American Soft Power, the Paris Agreement, and Climate Finance Under Trump | Brookings

“Leading businesses recognize…

While climate change is one of the greatest risks we face,
tackling it is also one of our biggest economic opportunities.”

~ We Mean Business Coalition

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