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An Act of Resistance: ‘1984’ Is Coming to Your Local Art Theater on Tuesday

When I first read 1984, I had the exact same response that I had to the horror novel Rosemary’s Baby — “Thank God, that can’t really happen!” Yet in 2017, the themes from 1984 are horribly playing out in real life. Only last month we learned that our TV sets spy on us. (Possibly, the microwave ovens, as well.)

Art house movie theaters have organized a collective resistance action in response to our increasingly dystopian society, and to Donald Trump’s Administration. IndieWire reports that independent theaters all across America are screening the classic John Hurt film version of 1984 on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Find a screening near you, and invite some friends to see 1984 with you. Grab something to eat and drink afterwards, and loudly discuss ideas from the film in public. There is no point trying to hide your political views, because…

"Big Brother is watching you." ~ George Orwell, 1984

Independent Movie Theatres Nationwide Will Screen ‘1984’ to Protest Donald Trump

“…On April 4, 90 participating theaters throughout the United States and one in Canada will screen the film “1984,” based on the 1949 novel by George Orwell. The story centers around Winston Smith, a member of the Outer Party. Winston works in the Records Department in the Ministry of Truth; his job is to rewrite and distort history. As a way to rebel and escape Big Brother’s tyranny, at least in his own mind, he begins a diary, which is an act punishable by death. The group of movie theaters chose April 4 to screen this film because that is the date in which Winston starts writing on his diary…” ~ Yoselin Acevedo

READ MORE: Independent Movie Theatres Nationwide Will Screen ‘1984’ to Protest Donald Trump | IndieWire

1984 – Official Trailer

Starring: John Hurt, Richard Burton, Suzanna Hamilton, Cyril Cusack, Peter Frye

“George Orwell’s novel of a totalitarian future society in which a man whose daily work is rewriting history tries to rebel by falling in love. After The Atomic War the world is divided into three states. London is the capital of Oceania, ruled by a party who has total control over all its citizens. Winston Smith is one of the bureaucrats, rewriting history in one of the departments. One day he commits the crime of falling in love with Julia. They try to escape Big Brother’s listening and viewing devices, but, of course, nobody can really escape.” ~ The Cult Box

Are art theaters being too hard on 45? After all, George Orwell never heard of Donald Trump when he published 1984 (in 1949). It was during World War I and World War II, that Orwell spied the eyes of Big Brother and identified his ways.

Still. The Doomsday Clock says we’re only three minutes away from destruction.

Like parts of a huge multi-geared machine, greed, political propaganda, surveillance, and war have relentlessly gathered momentum since the time of Orwell. The theater people may fear that an inexperienced, impulsive, and cavalier leader like Donald Trump could be the catalyst to set off one final, obliterating explosion.

There would be no more movies after that.

Be aware. Dare to care.


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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She writes fiction about an alpha Bichon named Chester, and his friends–with a dash of humor and a dab of poli-sci. JoAnn worked professionally in the Psychology and Information Science fields. Retired now, she enjoys the creative life.


  1. CineMuseFilms

    This classic work has reappeared regularly throughout modern history whenever power tries to crush truth. I saw the 1984 film version last night and it still reads as a contemporary masterpiece. Must review it.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      Fantastic! What was the mood of the other theater goers? We’ll look forward to your review.

      • CineMuseFilms

        I saw it online. It is widely available and should be seen by anyone interested in politics. Here in Australia we have our own versions of doublespeak and alternative fact generation, so the issue is not unique to any any nation. Its endemic in modern politics, but KellyAnne Conway has amplified the issue beyond imagination. She has single-handedly put 1984 into the global spotlight. I’ll review it shortly.

      • JoAnn Chateau

        Your point about KellyAnne and 1984… perhaps you’ll tuck that line into the review — love it! <3

      • CineMuseFilms

        Thats why I was compelled to watch it again. She has single-handedly revived George Orwell.

      • JoAnn Chateau

        I heard 1984 kept selling out on Amazon. Maybe KellyAnne deserves a booksellers recognition award?

  2. Ethan Sloan-Dennison

    Would absolutely love to see a remake of this during the Trump era.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      Great idea! It could be spun as a (dark) comedy, with all the absurdities, blatant conflict of interests, and missteps.

  3. tcriggs

    Disturbing… but… Necessary. Thanks for posting this… :-/

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