Last Tuesday Congress repealed FCC Internet privacy protections. Now an Internet Service Provider (ISP) may sell your private information. Well, Congress doesn’t live in a vacuum, and there’s been a bit of resistance.

The very next day, Minnesota began passing state Internet privacy rules. While Minnesotan’s rapid action to restore Internet privacy is a loud, blasting statement to Congress, it may yet fall on deaf ears. Republican lawmakers live too high up, in insular ivory towers, to hear the voice of the people who live far down below.

However, privacy activist and Net Neutrality advocate Adam McElhaney understands this kind of hearing disability, and he thinks he knows how to get the attention of legislators.

Since everyone’s Internet search history is now for sale, McElhaney plans to

“Purchase the Internet histories of all legislators,
congressmen, executives, and their families and
make them easily searchable at”


What with national marketing agencies and corporate human resource departments vying for your personal information, you know the prices will be jacked up. McElhaney needs a little dough to get started, in case you want to donate a buck to the cause of Internet Privacy, and join this sublime form of creative resistance. <3

Privacy Activists To Publish Browsing History Of Politicians | The Jimmy Dore Show

Disclaimer: This post is NOT an April Fool’s joke.

Vive La Résistance!

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