Slow TV Is Popular in the Happiest Nation of the World

Instead of faster, bigger, and more outrageous, Norway is onto something different: Slow TV. Norwegians, who live in the happiest country of the world, like it. Maybe they know something about unwinding? Great Big Story has the scoop…

The Brains Behind the Longest TV Broadcast Ever

“Tired of the lighting fast, hyper-cut action of modern day television? Slow TV might be more your speed. The brainchild of Thomas Hellum and several colleagues at the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, Slow TV features hours (sometimes days) of uninterrupted programming like a seven-hour train ride, 18 hours of salmon fishing, or 60 hours of a choir singing hymns. And as it turns out, these broadcasts are really popular. So kick back, unwind, and grab a BIG bowl of popcorn: This is Slow TV.” ~ Great Big Story

Simple pleasures! <3

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