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A Nation of the Walking Dead | Truthdig

Chris Hedges just penned another “must-read” article. In this one, he looks at the connection between addictions, including gambling, and modern American political culture. In addition, you’ll learn fascinating inside-secrets from the gambling casino industry…

A Nation of the Walking Dead

“…Gambling is a stealth tax on poor people hoping to beat the nearly impossible odds. Governmental income from gambling is an effort to make up for the taxes the rich and corporations no longer pay… Donald Trump is in large part a product of gambling culture. His career has not been about making products but about selling intangible and fleeting experiences. He preys on the desperate by offering them escapist fantasies…” ~ Chris Hedges

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    • You have a multi-faceted, well-rounded background, Robert, that surely lends to your clear-sightedness. I thought it very interesting that casino interior design uses distracting, non-linear layouts to enhance numbing a person’s left-brain activity. Just like Trump’s leadership (?) style.

      • I was never privy to casinos’ subliminal tactics; however, I do know that most gamblers are under the false impression that they have a roughly 50-50 chance of winning or that they have a real chance of winning a big payout. The actual odds in any given game are much worse, and it is only those false impressions – which the gaming industry subliminally promotes – that compels gamblers to keep throwing away their money. There’s an old adage inside the gaming industry: “The more you gamble, the more you’re going to lose.”

      • A 50-50 chance? My goodness. A casino must make an easy profit. I guess that’s why TYT’s Ceng Uygur likes to point out that one of Trump’s bankruptcies was on a casino, the Trump Taj Mahal.

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