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Coal and the Energy Future: Trump’s Big Bet | Inequality Media

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich talks about the waning coal industry and jobs. Spoiler: In 2016, the renewable energy sector provided six times the jobs of coal, and the trend is growing…

Trump’s Incredibly Dumb Bet on Coal | RobertReich.org

“When Donald Trump was running for president, he talked a lot about putting people back to work. And one of the industries he focused on most was the coal industry. He even put on a hard hat and waved around a pick ax to show how much he loved coal. But there simply aren’t very many coal jobs to be had any more in the U.S. That’s not because of anything Obama did. Coal jobs are decreasing because demand for coal is decreasing, and because machines now do much of the work…” ~ Robert Reich

Be aware. Be fair (objective).

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  • However, millions of jobs still revolve around coal as are the economies of all cities and towns in those regions. I agree that fossil fuel use must stop but right now it is a trade off between jobs or environmental concerns.Trump is going with jobs as he said he would. Reich is right about job growth in renewables but how are you going to retrain hundreds of thousands of workers in coal and coal related industry overnight ? Yes, green energy is a growing field but it’s growth is inadequate to satisfy employment needs of so many people and regions surviving on coal industry. We need a GI bills sort of thing to retrain workers of Appalachia for non coal related jobs plus subsidize their wages which are lost during retraining.

    Regarding Trump bankruptcies I don’t think they are necessarily a mark of failure. When real estate markets collapsed he closed shop and used bankruptcy laws to move on. When casino industry collapsed he also cut losses and left the industry. Hillary railed against Trump’s bankruptcies but they are normal tools in the world of business to deal with ever changing trends in markets. Would it make sense for Trump to stay in casino industry ?Of course not. There is no way to get success out of a dead industry. Bankruptcy is smart business but like so many working Americans we see it as unfair and a sort of corporate welfare and lack of responsibility for losses. Bankruptcies seem like bailout subsidies.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Carl. I’m not opposed to bankruptcy, but six times is a bit much. If bankruptcy is Plan B right from the beginning, I think it’s being misused. U.S. banks may agree with me, since they stopped extending Trump credit (thus his loans from foreign banks).

    • The American people don’t know how much money 45 makes — we haven’t seen his tax returns. All we know is that he’s gone bankrupt 6 times (public record).

      Nevertheless, I speculate 2017 will be a good earning year for him.

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