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There Are Grounds to Impeach. Is There the Will?

Robert Reich reviews the Constitutional violations that create grounds for impeaching the President. Does Republican leadership have the will to do it?

Impeachment | Inequality Media

What are your thoughts on impeachment? Please share in the comments.

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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She writes fiction about an alpha Bichon named Chester, and his friends--with a dash of humor and a dab of poli-sci. JoAnn worked professionally in the Psychology and Information Science fields. Retired now, she enjoys the creative life.


  1. Rick Cooley

    I agree with those who fear Pence may be more dangerous than Trump, which is saying a lot. If there is a will, it may be on the right more than the left.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      Neither Right nor Left will or can do anything too quickly in practical terms, I suspect. Therefore, I hope for an Independent 2020 ticket with candidates like Sanders & Gabbard (if not actually them!). After enduring Trump, they would blow the do-nothing-for-people Republican and Democratic parties out of the water.

      But then, there are the effects of climate change that are advancing evermore rapidly. I don’t know that we have time to make corrections, political or otherwise.

  2. jilldennison

    I would agree with Gronda EXCEPT … I fear the damage DT could do to our democratic processes and the harm he will inflict on our international alliances the longer he stays in office. Already he has insulted our allies, such as Angela Merkel (Germany), Malcolm Turnbull (Australia), and Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico), has proposed an inhumane travel ban targeting a specific religion (Islam), signed into effect numerous executive orders intended to destroy the planet we live on, proposed a disastrous healthcare bill that would strip healthcare from some 24 million citizens, and proposed a ludicrous budget that demolishes funding for critical agencies that provide essential services. In addition, he has selected cabinet members who, with one or two exceptions, are against the policies of the agencies they lead. And he has, as one of his top advisors, a self-proclaimed white supremacist, neo-Nazi who claims to be a Leninist and desires, by his own admission, to destroy the established government. Add to that the fact that it is nearly indisputable that he colluded with the Russian government to take the election last year … and I can only conclude that there is greater danger in keeping him than in impeaching him.

    That said, I am not a fan of Pence, who I see as a bigot, however I do believe Pence has a bit more of an even temperament and would be less likely to destroy our nation from within. There are no good options, so we are left to choose the lesser of two evils.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      The conflicts of interest are blatant, in our faces. The Russian angle may include more than snagging the presidency. If 45 personally benefited from a financial “deal” with the Russians (possibly related to 1/2 trillion $ deal Exxon-Mobile had going with Russia before Obama’s sanctions interfered with it, which may resume once sanctions are lifted), as the rope plays out, he will be caught. Hopefully, truth and justice prevail. We must be patient. Keep the faith!

      • jilldennison

        There are many who predict that, as with Chris Christie and ‘Bridgegate’, Trump’s staff will take the fall, while he comes out unscathed. Your thoughts?

      • JoAnn Chateau

        🙁 That’s the way it typically works (Chris Christie – grrrrrrr!). Somehow, I don’t see Rex Tillerson taking the fall. Maybe Jared?

      • jilldennison

        I think … well, perhaps. I would like to see Bannon be one of the ones, but he, too, seems to wear a Teflon coating. Best guess would be Tillerson, Sessions, Flynn, Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone …. and the list will likely grow in the coming days/weeks. Some, Trump will throw under the bus, others … who knows. Interesting days ahead … I do not know how much more “interesting” I can take! 🙂

      • JoAnn Chateau

        Way too interesting. And remember the financial crash (subprime auto loans, this time). Expected soon. If 45 thinks he “inherited a mess” and things are more “complicated” than anyone knew — that should send him back to Mar-a-Largo for good. Just saying, we might not have to impeach.

  3. Gronda Morin

    Dear JoAnn Chateau,

    I can’t believe I am saying this but I would want to wait. I want DT out but I don’t want Mike Pence to take over. The constitution does not allow for “special elections for the US presidency. As long as DT can be boxed in by those who can handle national security, I can wait until there is evidence v the VP as well. The problem is that once a competent republican enters the WH, he/she would do a lot of the same things as DT, only he/she might be a lot more successful. So far DT with republicans have been bungling away.

    The year 2018 is not that far into the distance and this time democrats need to grab some more seats in the US congress. If the republicans have not done their job by then, they will get the message in a wave election v them; and then they will act.

    Hugs, Gronda.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      Sounds like an excellent strategy, Gronda. Allow the Reps as much rope as possible.

      (I don’t understand “v”…?)

      • Gronda Morin

        Dear JoAnn,

        “V” stands for against.

        Hugs, Gronda

  4. Dr. Rex

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    That s the question … is there a will?

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