There may not be a wealth of good jobs for everyone, but there is one lucrative part-time job anyone can do from home: Form a Political Action Committee (PAC).

Enterprising inmate Angelo Pesce is happily engaged in this exact work-at-home opportunity.

“No federal law prevents Pesce from forming a PAC or soliciting money for it. And he doesn’t have to tell unsuspecting donors he’s an inmate at Taylorville Correctional Center…” ~ Rachel Wilson, Time

When I saw that Pesce had formed a PAC to Impeach the Asshole, I immediately understood it was one of those “it takes one to know one” things… Perhaps a bit of  projection… but the guy is trying to cope, to self-rehabilitate… How positive!

The industrious Pesce has more than one PAC. You may form as many as you want — replicate, to earn even more… What a pliable business model!

Pesce must have gotten the idea from Stephen Colbert who, back in 2011, demonstrated to his audience how easy it is to form a Political Action Committee (PAC), and even pointed out there are few restrictions as to how the money may be used.

Still, no one has ever before utilized PAC’s for personal gain… Pesce’s work is revolutionary!

Thanks to Pesce’s PAC Management model, all hard-working Americans can earn extra honest money right from home. You don’t need a car, lunch bucket, career clothing (work in your pajamas or regular uniform), nor freedom… This is what equal opportunity looks like… Good-bye inequality!

Be creative, innovative.

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