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GarryRogers.com shares a pictorial report from Climate Central. You can see for yourself, Glacier National Park will soon be glacier-less

“Scientists have used repeated photographs to study glaciers for more than a century (Rogers et al. 1984). Arthur Johnson published the earliest photographic study of glacier change in Glacier National Park in 1980 (U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1180, 29 pp.). By 1980, the glaciers had already begun melting and shrinking. The photos in this article show that all the glaciers in Glacier National Park will soon be gone…” ~ Garry Rogers

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The Effects of Climate Change

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  • I’m just so sad to read about this :( But if anything, it encourages me to keep on with my efforts to help the world heal.
    Thank goodness for people like you who care enough to share these pieces of news and get the message across! We need to spend less time hating and more time fixing the problems we have caused. Sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing this, JoAnn. What raises my blood pressure is that, instead of addressing this global threat to our survival as a species, we are provoking China and Russia with our war games.

  • Each year, the volume of stories such as this keeps increasing. Just last week, we saw reports on record Arctic sea ice melt and record coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. As someone who has closely followed climate change since the late 1960s, when it was known as the “greenhouse effect,” the correlation between the number of news reports and observable climatic changes has been remarkably apparent. I’m not saying that the media has done a good job of covering climate, quite the contrary. What I am saying is that climate change is progressing at such a rapid rate that even the hesitant corporate news media can’t avoid covering it. From a statistical point of view alone, the increasing volume of stories over time is reflective of a major shift in Earth’s climate.

    • That is the truth, Robert.

      The most insane crime of all time, and throughout the Universe, must be the cover-up of climate change. (Unless aliens are greedier and meaner than the “most advanced” democracy on Planet Earth.)

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