Bernie Sanders and DNC Chair Tom Perez attended a rally in Portland yesterday to support One Fair Wage in Maine. The measure would not only help tipped employees take home more money, but would help protect them from sexual harassment…

“…Last November, Mainers were loud and clear about their support for a fair, living wage for all workers, tipped or untipped. Governor Paul LePage and the National Restaurant Association intend to subvert the will of the people and reinstitute the subminimum wage system. To do this, they’ve launched a misinformation campaign unprecedented in its scope and in its cynicism. The National Restaurant Association has told workers that their tips will go down if their wages go up; experience in the seven states that have phased out the lower wage for tipped workers proves otherwise…” ~ Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

READ MORE: Tom Perez, Bernie Sanders Call for One Fair Wage in Maine | ROC United

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